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Nov 3 / Rebecca I. Allen

‘We miss our friend’

Ruth Fisher Elementary School commemorates Cheyanne ‘Sissy’ Chantry’s birthday

When Rae Hunt’s first-grade class sings “Happy Birthday” during calendar time, they usually do so with loud, bold voices.
“This one was very soft and gentle,” Hunt said.
Wednesday morning, the class at Ruth Fisher Elementary School in Tonopah sang for Cheyanne “Sissy” Chantry on what would have been her seventh birthday.
Sissy died in January after a battle with a brain tumor.
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‘We miss our friend’ won an Arizona Press Club award in the 85-year-old organization’s annual  Best Journalism in the State contest.  Jim Sheeler, a scholar in residence at the University of Colorado and 2006 Pulitzer Prize winner for feature writing while reporting for the Rocky Mountain News, awarded Rebecca I. Allen a second place in the short-form writing, large publications, category for “We miss our friend,” a snapshot of first-graders commemorating a classmate who died of a brain tumor.

“Nice job telling a touching story through the eyes of the children, not relying solely on the adults,” Sheeler wrote.