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Nov 3 / Rebecca I. Allen

The Patagonia-Sonoita Scenic Road

The Patagonia-Sonoita Scenic Road is one of many scenic drives profiled by Arizona Highways Magazine and The Arizona Department of Tourism. Visit the interactive Arizona Scenic Roads for more interesting byways from all over the state, including The White River Scenic Road, The Red Rock Scenic Road and The Swift Trail Parkway.

The violet-crowned hummingbird’s wings spin ceaselessly like a natural pinwheel of brilliant color. Its lively chatter and conspicuous behavior make it easy to spot for birdwatchers who travel great distances to reach this place in the desert where many species of birds and animals make their permanent and migratory homes.

As visitors traverse the winding highway, they reach an area marked by wildflowers and towering cottonwoods and sycamores. Sometimes you see them popping out of a car along the road as they catch a flash of color or flick of wing. Binoculars at the ready, these birders mine their field of vision well. Click for rest of story