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Jun 24 / Rebecca I. Allen

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Aug 25 / Rebecca I. Allen

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More samples available via Contently:

Nov 3 / Rebecca I. Allen

The Patagonia-Sonoita Scenic Road

The Patagonia-Sonoita Scenic Road is one of many scenic drives profiled by Arizona Highways Magazine and The Arizona Department of Tourism. Visit the interactive Arizona Scenic Roads for more interesting byways from all over the state, including The White River Scenic Road, The Red Rock Scenic Road and The Swift Trail Parkway.

The violet-crowned hummingbird’s wings spin ceaselessly like a natural pinwheel of brilliant color. Its lively chatter and conspicuous behavior make it easy to spot for birdwatchers who travel great distances to reach this place in the desert where many species of birds and animals make their permanent and migratory homes.

As visitors traverse the winding highway, they reach an area marked by wildflowers and towering cottonwoods and sycamores. Sometimes you see them popping out of a car along the road as they catch a flash of color or flick of wing. Binoculars at the ready, these birders mine their field of vision well. Click for rest of story

Nov 3 / Rebecca I. Allen

‘We miss our friend’

Ruth Fisher Elementary School commemorates Cheyanne ‘Sissy’ Chantry’s birthday

When Rae Hunt’s first-grade class sings “Happy Birthday” during calendar time, they usually do so with loud, bold voices.
“This one was very soft and gentle,” Hunt said.
Wednesday morning, the class at Ruth Fisher Elementary School in Tonopah sang for Cheyanne “Sissy” Chantry on what would have been her seventh birthday.
Sissy died in January after a battle with a brain tumor.
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‘We miss our friend’ won an Arizona Press Club award in the 85-year-old organization’s annual  Best Journalism in the State contest.  Jim Sheeler, a scholar in residence at the University of Colorado and 2006 Pulitzer Prize winner for feature writing while reporting for the Rocky Mountain News, awarded Rebecca I. Allen a second place in the short-form writing, large publications, category for “We miss our friend,” a snapshot of first-graders commemorating a classmate who died of a brain tumor.

“Nice job telling a touching story through the eyes of the children, not relying solely on the adults,” Sheeler wrote.

Oct 24 / Rebecca I. Allen

Arizona & The Grand Canyon

Fodor’s Arizona Gold Guide 2007 Rebecca wrote about exploring, side trips, and sports in Phoenix and the Valley of the Sun.

Fodor's Arizona and the Grand Canyon

Fodor’s Arizona and the Grand Canyon

Oct 22 / Rebecca I. Allen

Backbone of Care: Practice made personal

Scottsdale Airpark News October, 2009

Medicine, to Dr. Todd Doerr, “is a family business.” The son of a dentist gave his mother more bragging rights when he graduated from University of Texas Southwestern Medical School and joined his two older brothers in the operating room.
“I think that was her plan,” the orthopedic surgeon says. “She encouraged all of us.”

Click for full story

Oct 22 / Rebecca I. Allen

Tamale making a family tradition

West Valley View, Dec. 16, 2008

When Angela Acosta’s grandson called from San Diego and asked for her tamale recipe, she did not think she would disappoint her great-grandchildren by teaching him how to create the maize wrapped delights.
“When his children came home and saw the tamales they said, ‘Abuelita’s here!'” the 78-year-old Avondale resident said. “‘Where is ‘buelita? Where is she?'” Click for full story

Oct 22 / Rebecca I. Allen

The road less traveled

Claire, a 7-year-old mixed breed sits atop Essie, a 6-year-old Norwegian fjord packhorse as her master, Bernice Ende chats with passer-by, a common occurrence for Ende during her trek across the country on horseback. Photo courtesy Owen K. Martin/West Valley View

West Valley View, March 25, 2008
Lone horsewoman and her dog ride from Arizona to Montana ―with a lot of help from strangers along the way. Click for full story

View more photos and hear Bernice talk about her life as a long rider in this audio slideshow (produced by Owen K. Martin and Rebecca I. Allen)

This article won second place for personality profile in Arizona Press Club’s annual award competition. Brynn Mandel, a feature writer for the Republican-American, judged the 30 entries. Mandel, who received a first place award for arts and entertainment writing in 2007  from the American Association of Sunday and Feature Editors, wrote:

“Allen’s subject clearly has a strong sense of purpose and an ability to articulate what she gets personally from her long rides. Allen organized and conveyed this well, capturing memorable telling details — the dog on horseback, the lack of loneliness, the .357 Magnum. She managed to weave the spirituality/‘trail magic’ theme subtly from beginning to end, maintaining it just enough to connect the dots without hitting readers over the head.”

Oct 22 / Rebecca I. Allen

Bob Rovan: World Warrior

ASU Magazine, Vol. 10, No. 2, 2007
June 6, 1944, D-Day. Petty Officer 3rd Class Bob Rovan, 18, was serving on the USS Thurston during the Normandy invasion. As an electrician’s mate, Rovan’s duties kept him aboard. However, when a good friend returned from Omaha Beach with his leg blown off — Rovan took his place on the next boat. Click for full story.

Bob Rovan (right) and a fellow sailor during World War II.
Bob Rovan (right) and a fellow sailor during World War II. (Photo courtesy Bob Rovan)