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I’m good at telling stories.

June, 2016 Phoenix, Ariz. USA


Current project: a novel
The page beckons. Pen to paper, type hammer to bond, or fingers to keyboard —just write.
I believe in the church of journalism, the craft of writing, and I love to play with words, and so —with apologies to Ron Shelton —my homage to Bull Durham:
“Well, I believe in the story, the lede, the em dash, the active not the passive, the hanging deadline, $1-a-word markets, hard news, that the novels of Stephen King are brilliant, underrated prose. I believe Roy Peter Clark’s tools are gold. I believe there ought to be constitutional amendments outlawing shuttering newspapers, and the use of over instead of more than. I believe in the sweet quotes, black and white photography, getting paid on acceptance rather than on publication, and I believe in the sparse use of adverbs, killing clichés, and in editors who respond in less than three days.” ~ Rebecca I. Allen
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